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Gas Pump Nozzle Identification Index by Code

If you click on the gas pump nozzle code, the link will take you the manufacturer page on this site. You'll be able to figure out what type of gas pump or gas pumps that your nozzle is most suitable for. While there are many gas pump nozzles made for a specific antique gas pump, many nozzles are also universal for visible gas pumps or electric meter gas pumps. Happy Hunting!

Doty "Junior"
Fig. 189G
Fig. 189F
Fig. 225
Fig. 225A
Fig. 227
Fig. 227C
Fig. 231
Fig. 231A
Fig. 231-AP
Fig. 232-B
Fig. 232
Fig. 232A
Fig. 232-AP
Fig. 300
No. 27
No. 27E
No. 67
No. 74
No. 94
No. 94T
No. U-15
No. U-163
No. U-164
No. U-17-F
No. U-17-G
No. U-17-WF
No. U-18
No. 1811-H
Type 50
Type M

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Gas Pump Nozzle Identification Index

Gas Pump Replacement Nozzles by Maker

Buckeye Doty McDonald
Morrison Bros. OPW Wheaton

Antique Pump Replacement Nozzles by Brand

American Apex Aqua
Bennett Bennett-Shotwell Bowser
Boyle Dayton Butler Clear Vision
Correct Measure    
Crouse Clear Vision Dayton Doty
Erie Ferro Fleckenstein
G&B Gilbert & Barker Gilbarco
Gransberg Guaranteed Liquid Fry Guaranteed
Hawkeye Dart Hayes Keesee
M&S McDonald Milwaukee
Moore & King Morrison Bros. National
Neptune Ottawa Pennsylvania
Raymond Rush Sharmeter
Shotwell A.O. Smith Southwest
St. Louis Tokheim Wayne
Wayne 60 Showcase Gas Pump  

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