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McDonald Gas Pump Nozzles

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Type M

McDonald Type M Gas Pump Nozzle

McDonald Type M Gas Pump Nozzle

"Made from high grade brass. 45 degree curve. Bosses prevent nozzle slipping from tank while filling.Bale hook provides for hanging on curb pump when not in use." Eaton Catalog, 1928

Cut Size Hose Nozzle Length
M 1 1/4" n/a

McDonald 427 Farm Gas Pump Nozzle

McDonald 470 Gas Pump Nozzle

"Designed especially for use on farm servieing units but can be used for dispensing any liquid where pressure on not over 15 lbs. prevails.

Simplified design and construction of this single poppet, all bronze nozzle, permits flow equal to standard service station nozzles.." McDonald Catalog

Cut Size Hose Nozzle Length
427 3/4" 6 1/2"
427 1" 6 1/2"

McDonald 980 / 980-A Gas Pump Nozzle

McDonald 980 Gas Pump Nozzle

McDonald 980-A Gas Pump Nozzle

"Special design of operating lever insures straight lift on stem at any position of lever.

Spout is regular size at point of attaching to nozzle body but tapers swiftly to 13/16 in. outside diameter and 11/16 in. inside diameter-permits sufficient clearance for escape of air and vapor when filling tank and eliminates serious hazard of blowback. Spout attached to body with tapered seat lock nut.

The smoothest operating nozzle you've ever handled. Discharges drop by drop without jerk. Molded metallic packing eliminates leakage and maintenance expense." McDonald Catalog

Cut Size Hose Nozzle Length
980-Brass 3/4" Tapered Spout
980-Brass 1" Tapered Spout
980-Brass 3/4" Flexible Spout
980-Brass 1" Flexible Spout
980-A Alloy 3/4" Tapered Spout
980-A Alloy 1" Tapered Spout

McDonald SAFE-T-MATIC Gas Pump Nozzle


"Latest design for performance and saftey. Body is sand cast of Almag 35, a new high tensile aluminum alloy having the strength of brozne with only one-third the weight. Trip lever is stainless steel.

Exclusive Safe-T-Matic yoke will not permit flow unless spout is properly engaged in tank. If valve is not firmly in place in filler neck, nozzle trips automatically.

Guaranteed to operate perfectly in every normal position. Positive shot-off closes effectively regardless of flow. Ratchet on handle has variable steps for ordinary flow and fast flow.

Exclusive show eliminator control mechanism not only preserves the nozzle, but protects the line, the pump and all other connecting parts from damage due to sudden shock.

Impossible to damage the pump by driving away with the nozzle still engaged in the tank. Spout slips off or breaks at a pull of less than 100 lbs.

Streamlined body prevents damage to car finish, rubber guard not required. Specially designed check valve reduces expansion loss and keeps gasoline spillage at a minimum. Spout may be disconnected at nozzle so that a special spout may be installed for unusual conditions. Positive finger tip control at any pressure.

Each working assembly can be replaced as a complete unit. Permanent packing guarantees against leaking throughout the life of the nozzle." McDonald Catalog

Cut Size Hose Nozzle Length
238 3/4" n/a
238 1" n/a


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